what is leap.club?

leap.club is a community-led professional network for women with a simple mission - more women in leadership positions.

why should i join leap.club?

leap.club is designed to help you build your social-professional network through 1:1 connections or micro-communities and recruit or apply for top jobs without the clutter of existing networks.

is this a paid membership?

yes. memberships are limited and paid for from day 1 to make sure only committed members join us. the membership is priced at inr 5000 /year.

can i get a trial?

no, we don’t do trials at leap.club. we look at leap.club as a long term investment towards your professional and personal development. in order to be able to get the full leap experience it will take longer than a trial month. while you might want to join micro-communities in one month, you might engage more with masterclasses in the next month. the experience is tailored, at all times, to make you win - whether it’s networking or l&d.

how is leap.club different from other networking platforms?

we’re building a professional network 2.0 with zero spam. this is a community of leaders who invest in their own growth and also help you at every stage. the quality of interactions along with our focus on learning & development is our biggest moat. hear it from our members!

how many members do you have right now?

we currently have ~2000 solid leaders + a waitlist of ~10,000 who want to join the movement. membership slots are limited each month, to ensure that we continue to provide the kind of member experience we are known for, as we scale.

why does leap.club have a waitlist?

we have conversations with each of our potential members to make sure that we’re the right fit. once interested members sign up on the waitlist, we explore synergies between what we are building vs what members want and move forward with next steps accordingly.

what does the current crop of members at leap.club look like?

our members come from diverse industries, backgrounds and geographies with one thing in common - they are looking to build a top quality network for themselves. we’d love for you to hear from our members here!

how many members are you targeting by the end of the year?

we’re steadily adding new members every month, while ensuring all our existing members are having a stellar experience. we’re striving to be 10k members strong by the end of 2021 – aspiring to multiply the network capital value that we offer you.

how do i access leap.club?

leap.club is a members-only app based interface supported on both android and ios devices. once you join us as a paid member, we will send you your login credentials for the app at the start of your membership.

what kind of leaders are on the platform right now?

our top leaders include:

- hr director at adidas
- founder at the gourmet jar
- marketing lead at vodafone-idea
- co-founder at your space
- journalist at ndtv
- social entrepreneurs focused on gender equality, climate action & healthtech
- strategy & operations lead at google
- vp & head of b2b commerce at zilingo
- global talent at standard chartered
- vp m&a integration at genpact
- managing director at landor & fitch
- the investment team at sequoia capital

while the above members are a snapshot of the powerhouses we have on board, you can check out our linkedin and medium pages for all that we’re up to.

what can I do at leap apart from building connections?

we have an array of member-exclusive experiences and l&d options to choose from. you can attend masterclasses which are intimate fireside chats hosted by industry stalwarts, opt for 1:1 executive/ wellness coaching with the country’s best coaches, and sign up for cohort-based courses hosted by highly skilled instructors, amongst other things.