more women in leadership positions.
we are a social professional network for women that helps you -

  • build a strong professional network
  • focus on your learning & development
  • coming soon - jobs
we need more leaders and role models. become one.
memberships are limited and paid.

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thousands of women leaders have already taken the leap.
our members are women leaders from companies like brings superior networking opportunities for members and beats the clutter of existing social professional networks.
build a high quality professional network
peer learning groups
learn with a small cohort of members, led by the best trainers
exec & wellness coaching
book 1:1 sessions with 50+ top coaches
candidly interact with industry icons who have walked the path
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women are less likely to be promoted to managerial positions.
about two thirds of managers end up being men, and from that point on, women can never catch up.
what women earn for performing the same work as men
venture capital received by women founders
women believe that a strong support group and network will advance their careers
$12 trillion
addition to gdp by 2025. empowering women is not social charity
young and experienced leaders across industries have joined to achieve their goals
top leaders interact with our members
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we write about why is needed, what we do and how we change lives